Thursday, June 25, 2009

The World Loses The King of Pop At Age 50

Michael Joseph Jackson
"The Ultimate Performer"

My condolences go to Michael's family, friends, and fans. As a music lover, I know that Michael Jackson has taken us on a heck of a beautiful musical journey. We'll miss him, but he'll forever live in our hearts...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Music I Love...

Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey In Performance: Endless Love

Luther Vandross In Concert: Superstar

Monday, May 25, 2009

Where Does The Time Go?

Let's Catch Up...Again...

It's been quite a while since I created a blog entry, but I'm here. Time passes by so fast. I looked on my own blogroll and it seems that quite a few people joined me in blogger hiatusville. I'll need to find new blogs to read. Well, the truth that I understand. Time is in short supply and before you know it days, weeks, and months go by. I haven't stopped visiting other folks' blogs though thank goodness. Some of these bloggers need to become professional writers, because they produce some really interesting entries every single day.

Oh well, here is what is knew with me. About a month ago, I left my 30's behind. It was an odd experience for me in that I'm not necessarily upset about turning the corner. I'm more concerned that I need to hurry up on some fronts. I don't want to wake up one morning and find out that life has passed me by. It's starting to feel that way. Who am I fooling? *lol* I demand to find out where my youth ran off to. *tapping foot*...However, I'll tell you what overshadowed my birthday and canceled pity party. I got sick like a dog. I had the worst headache in my life during the whole week of my birthday for which I would never wish upon anybody. I was scared to go to sleep. And this would have to happen when I was changing over to a new doctor. I mean it took the longest for that dagnabbit new health insurance card to get to me. Come to find out my pressure was skyrocketing through the roof despite me eating oatmeal and bananas almost daily. This sister here was hog-tied, whipped, and burned out. *sigh*

If I didn't learn anything else, I learned that I need to take care of myself and let all other crap slide. For the longest, I've been getting on family members for letting others take advantage of them. I get so tired of people asking us for money and asking for favors when they really aren't in need. And come to find out, I finally realized that I let folks do the same to me. I think we feel some since of responsibility as if the world will fall apart if we don't come to the rescue. Well, shux, I'm taking off my superwoman cape, because I can't do it all. How ridiculous I look rushing to the aid of others when my own stuff is going down? Silly.

And just as I try to turn the corner and live a easier and healthier life, there is my co-worker (who claims she's on a diet) asking me if I'd like to have some of her expensive chocolate candy from some swanky chocolatier in NY (it wasn't hard to turn down as I know she doesn't wash her hands....ewww), or someone getting upset with me because I couldn't attend her soiree' when I was feeling really sick, or someone trying to lure me out for lunch when all I wanted to do is meditate at my desk and eat my lunch that I brought from home to save money. I used to give in to make people feel good. People don't ease up. They get mad and more demanding. But get this, these same people never offer anything and not so much as a cup of water. So be it. I'm done with it.

However, I'm not holding any grudge or giving them the silent treatment since it takes too much energy to keep that up. We still talk. I don't think these folks are necessarily mean or have any ulterior motive; I just think they are constantly inwarding thinking of their needs. I just let folks know that although I'm not married and don't have chick or child like the old folks say, I still have to cook, clean my place, exercise, and do things to maintain me. When folks call and ask what I'm doing next week (as we all know that this is the standard set up line used to get something from you), I just say that I'm busy just as soon as they finish their sentence. Family and real friends are the exception to this new rule. Works for me. :-)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have A Happy Thanksgiving...

Everyone Have A Safe And Great Holiday!!!

As we all prepare to travel or stay home to give thanks to the Lord, I just wanted to type this brief blog entry to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!!! I said the same thing last year, but I want to add one more thing. In the spirit of giving, if you are hosting a dinner and are aware of someone who may be lonely this time of the year, please think about inviting them over to let them know that someone cares.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I've Been Clowned...Again...

And Once Again...*Sigh*....

Honestly, I've been trying to get around to blogging more regularly again. But it's clear to me that it will never be like used to be ever again. Why? Because I can't really do it from work like I used to at lunch time. I can't comfortably blog knowing that they check the history log on our computers. *lol* Enough of my blogging excuses. Let's get on with the show.

Oh well...Let me let you all know what I've been up to. I've gotten back in to my cooking mood. Yeah. I watch the Food Network year round. However, watching somebody else cook and doing it yourself are two different things. My cooking desire always hits me in the fall when there's just the bit of chill in the air. I don't particularly care to cook in the summer when it's hot and the kitchen is only making things hotter. That's sandwich and salad time. But now is the time to really get in that kitchen and to experiment. And to top things off I'm simply loving the cooking blogs such as the ones Aly and Tam have come up with. Shux. I may be single and childless, but I totally feel the weekly menu. I could definitely stand to have some organization in my life. Plus, it seems it would be a healthier and a thriftier way to be more efficient with my grocery bill. Don't let me meet a guy. He would gain at least 10 lbs. or so with me feeding him.

But check all this out in the blogosphere. Zee loves to go to the grocery store when she's not too busy. Check me out talking in the 3rd person. *lol* But anywho let me change back into the first person. For a while I was going to the grocery every other day. I don't get a lot of groceries at one time. I would say that I would get the real groceries on Friday or Saturday and in the days in between I would stop by to get more produce. As the week progresses, I get more apples and bananas or things I forgot to get during my last grocery store run. And there have been times when I simply didn't feel like eating out, because I didn't think the restaurants could satisfy my tastes. Restaurant food can get to be so predictable. But I can introduce new flavors and techniques to my own cooking. And for the most part, I've been pleasantly surprised with my results. Shux, I've got to listen to what the food is telling me in terms of knowing what seasonings to use and I love the process of cooking itself for things to turn out right. Love it, love it, love it.

Then came along the clowning. *Holding down head in slight embarrassment* There is this little guy at the grocery store who started clowning me about a month or so ago. He's one of the cashiers. And actually he's not little at all. He's taller than I am. He just seems younger like a little brother. He looks to be in his mid-20s to late 20s or so. I actually like his demeanor. He's rings up your order fast. He just now recently started getting a little loud about announcing to his co-workers and other shoppers that I come to the grocery store almost everyday. I always try to play it down and come up with an explanation of me liking my own cooking and saving money by cooking at home. And usually I can emerge from the grocery store with some shred of respect and dignity about the whole thing.

About a week ago, I was the reluctant star of the Safeway Barnum and Bailey Greatest show on Earth. Yes, I admit that I needed to pick up a few cheer up greeting cards, some milk, paper towels, apples, bananas, pears, cheetoes, frozen peaches, egg nog ice cream, etc. So, when I saw homeboy out of the side of my eye and without turning my head in his direction, I tried to do a drive-by with my grocery cart to another lane and to "another" cashier. Why did little brother man get loud and say "OOOh, there she goes trying to not get in my lane!!!???" Yeah, I tried to laugh it off. I only went one lane over from him. And the whole time the lady cashier kept making so many mistakes on every shopper in my lane. When it was my turn in line in the lane next to him, homeboy kept turning around having something to say. I was beyond embarrassed. Could the collar on my coat be in higher on my neck to hide my face? I was hoping so. He accused me of breaking down his cash register for not getting into his line, told the old man in his line that I should have been in his lane, said that I should have cooked for him already since I'm from the south, Blah, Blah, Blah. I haven't been back to my favorite grocery store since then. Don't get me wrong. If I was younger, I would have given that cutie pie some play. Oh yes. But in my elderlyness, I made up that word, of my 30's, I felt like I better hold back on this one as handsome as he is. I'm not Demi Moore or Halle Berry. I'm just getting close to Halle's age. *lol* I'm just Zee. I better just stick to what I know with men my own age, that means men a couple of years younger, guys my age or a guys a few years older. I suppose I'll be shopping at my favorite grocery store again when I come back in town following the Thanksgiving holiday. I just hope I won't be the star again of little brother man's circus show extraordinaire.

Why must these things happen to me? *sigh*